Great cooking with Red Palm Oil

Good red palm oil Cooking

Cooking with red palm oil has become common among the consumers around the world. Recently, even Dr. Oz in his TV show had promoted the benefits that people can get from the red palm oil. One of the natural aspects of the palm oil is its ability to remain stable at a temperature of 180-190 ° C. This condition cannot be found in other cooking oil. It is important for the oil to remain stable even at high temperature because the durability will ensure the nutrients in the red palm oil can be enjoyed even after being cooked at high temperature.

Cooking oils should have the right composition to be said as a good product. Most of the cooking oils such as olive and soy cooking oil will lose most of its natural nutrients when cooked or fried under intense heat. This is far different from the red palm oil which can withstand extreme heat and still maintain its nutrients for you to enjoy.

The fatty acid composition is a determining factor in the durability of cooking oil. Ideally, the content of unsaturated fatty acids should be at a minimum. This is because the double bond in the fatty acid molecules is more readily oxidized, and at high temperatures, the chemical reaction rate will be higher. Of the criteria mentioned earlier, omega-3 fatty acids are not suitable as oil for frying. Oils such as soybean oil, canola oil and rapeseed oils containing polyunsaturated linoleic acid are also not suitable for frying at high temperatures. Fish oil containing chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are also not suitable for frying. Moreover, fish oil produces odor and will make food less palatable.

Ideal edible oil for your food

Red palm oil cookingOnly three types of oils that meet the criteria to be ideal cooking oil – coconut oil, palm kernel oil and red palm oil. However, coconut oil and palm kernel oil are not very suitable for having saturated fatty acid chains and its influence on food. So the choice should be cooking with red palm oil. The fatty acid composition and high-quality natural antioxidants in the form of tocopherol and tocotrienols have made its ideal for cooking or frying. In addition, red palm oil quality specifications can be modified to suit the application. Red palm oil has no taste and smell, so does not affect flavors.

The red palm oil is the perfect choice either you are cooking at home or restaurant. It has several important miracle elements such as slowing the aging process and can eliminate the extra weight around the waist as suggested by Dr. Oz in his TV show recently. Cooking with red palm oil is common in the Southeast Asian and African countries. Both regions have been using the red palm oil for ages. Malaysia as the world capital of red palm oil production has for a long time knew the miracle contain in the red palm oil through their years of scientific researched. Maybe it is also time to use the red palm oil for your cooking.

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