What is red palm oil?

Red palm oil Vs. Soy oil

Ever since hearing the recommendation made by Dr. Oz on red palm oil, your inner voice have been
asking what is red palm oil really is. In actual fact the red palm oil is believed to originate from central
Africa, but during the colonial era, many Asian especially Southeast Asia countries had been receiving
the palm oil tree from their colonial masters. Now the African nation is no longer the biggest producer,
but have become among the biggest importer of the red palm oil from the world largest producer of red
palm oil that is Malaysia. In the USA, an American NGO during 1980s had taken firm action to destroy
the image of red palm oil by claiming it is a dangerous substance to human health.

However, their campaigning have failed because the Malaysian government almost alone played an
active role to deny all the untrue claimed by offering scientist and other experts to do research and
investigate all the American NGO claimed about red palm oil. The actions to save the reputation of red
palm oil have caused the American organization to lose it credibility. And recently as if to put salt on the
wound, Dr. Oz say that American should give a try the red palm oil if they want to look young and lose
those extra pound.

Tasteless oil with great nutrients

Red palm oilWell to be fair the red palm oil is tasteless. So it does not have that special taste that you can have from
olive oil or soy cooking oil. However, the tasteless flavor may have been the one of the factors that helps
to make the edible oil to be a popular product. The tasteless oil do not interfere with the original taste
of the foods that you have cooked or fried using the red palm oil. Another plus with the palm oil is that it
capability to add nutrients into your meals. You will be getting the antioxidants that are very important
to help keep your body free from free radical which is one of the causes of cancer. The tasteless and
odorless oil is also great cooking oil if you do not like to lose the original smell of your meal.

You should get a bottle of the red palm oil and after using it once you will experience the deliciousness
of your meal that have been fired or cooked using the palm oil as assistance. The oil can also be taken
as health supplement and you do not have to worry about the aftertaste because it is probably the only
edible oil that does not have any sorts of taste or flavor.

One of the important vitamins in red palm oil is the vitamin A which is essential for the human body
immune system. The growth of a child can also be stimulate by vitamin A. Children in India, Pakistan and
even Africa have been saved from getting blind or died with the use of the red palm oil vitamin A. There
are too many nutrients that you may want to know about the red palm oil, but this short article may not
have the space for detail explanation. However you may get the answer for the question what is red
palm oil by visiting the website called MPOB.